Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exciting News

There has been some exciting news around our house this past week or so that I want to share with you.

First off, though, I want to let you know about the new, updated, and gorgeous website that my publisher, Lachesis Publishing, has just unveiled. You can find it here:  Take some time to browse the pages and check out the books! It's a wonderful site, with lots to offer!

The second tidbit of news is... drum roll, please... I just released my new Zentangle book. YAY!!!
365 Tangles & Counting is available on Amazon under my pen name Jeanne Paglio. It took a good 9+ months to get this darling finished. I was so happy to get it out to the public, I nearly jumped for joy! On that note, I've begun the next tangling book, Zentangle by the Sea. It won't be as large a book as the 365 Tangles is, though, at the moment, I'm unsure how many pages it will be. I think it depends on how carried away I get. Here's the link for amazon.

Next in line... A friend and I are producing a children's book, my part is doing the illustrations. The plan is to have the book out by Christmas, if not before. I'll keep you posted on this project! It's not often that I get to stretch my artistic abilities in conjunction with an author. Fun, lots of fun!

Moving on... I've recently finished the last novella in the Deadly Bakery series. It's now in the publishing process at Lachesis, and is slated for release in early May! The Focaccia Fatality is the final book in the trilogy. Sorry about that! For those who enjoyed the first two books, rest assured that this one ties up all the ends. I think you'll like it. I know it certainly was fun to write. The series mainly takes place in Providence, RI. and uses many familiar places for people who know the area.
Here is the link for many of my books at Amazon.

Onward & Upward... It's been a long and harrowing winter, here in the northeast. New England weather is always unpredictable, but it has been cold and snowy. More so this year, than in the past few. I'd lost my mojo for a couple months, but staying inside more often than I usually do throughout the winter, ideas have been abundant. There are notes scratched on scattered bits of scrap paper, and the next Vinnie Esposito series book is well on its way to completion. On top of that, my daughter and I are writing a Linty Dragon mystery series for Lachesis. We're quite excited about the project and my plate is beginning to overflow. :>) Not complaining, not one bit!

Oh, and one more thing.... I'd like to thank my readers for their support, emails, and FB messages. I couldn't imagine I'd be where I am in the writing world, without you. Bless you, all!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Adventure in Romance

This past summer, I had the urge to write a romance novel. Gathering my wits about me, I set off on this new journey and wrote a novella, To Catch a Billionaire. Never realizing how difficult it could be, since I generally write mystery novels with light romance in them, I found the romance genre to be more challenging than I'd thought it would be.

First off, I wrote the novella under the pen name, Dana Stone. It was important to me that readers not identify the story with my mystery novels. Why? Because it's a totally different genre. Or maybe it was a mindset for me, rather than for readers. :~)

The book made its debut, got some good, some so-so, and some not good reviews. Am I put off by that? Not really. Mostly, I find you can't please everyone, and it's plain to see that when ratings go from 5 stars to 1 star. I'm not offended or put off, but try to find something in each review that will help me write an even better book. (Though, there are those who just like to be just plain mean, :>). ) But, that's another subject altogether. So... here's the plan, as Dana Stone, I'll be advertising with The Romance Studio in  Later in March, Dana Stone be doing an online book tour, so stay tuned for more info on that.

I had a great time writing the story, though in retrospect, I realize romance novels are not my main interest, even though they have much merit. As Dana, I intend to make another foray into the world of romance, but it won't be just a novella, instead, it'll be a full-on novel with greater character development.

The new story line is already set out and involves a mysterious man whose hunting for a small jewel encrusted orb, that he thinks the main character has in her possession. The orb is detrimental to him and the well-being of his family. A family with powers that are threatened if the orb falls into the wrong hands. The heroine has had to make a new life for herself after a traumatic incident that left her overwhelmed with grief. After two years of struggling with her loss, she has begun to rebuild her life and find happiness in the mundane. Will the heroine trust this stranger enough to help him? Or is he untrustworthy and more dangerous than she ever imagined?

Let me know what you think of the storyline. I'm interested in hearing from you.

                      Thanks for stopping by,              Dana (aka J.M. Griffin)

Here's the link for To Catch a Billionaire 

Friday, June 14, 2013

An Interview with Liberty Blake

If you like it warm, hot, or anywhere in between, then I have a great surprise for you. Liberty Blake has stopped by Cozy Mysteries today for a chat. I've finished reading her new book and it's a great story!
So read on and get familiar with Liberty...

1.       Thanks for stopping in to visit today, Liberty, how long have you been writing?
 I have been writing all my life. It is the only thing I have ever wanted to do.

2.       Tell us what your favorite genre is to read and why?
I love to read everything. The genre I read the most is romance, because there is nothing better than knowing there is going to a Happily Ever After at the end. (Great reading when you are in a depression.) I love mysteries!!! Nothing like a good Sara Paretsky or JM Griffin book to get the blood pumping. I love suspense filled thrillers by Linda Howard or Lisa Gardner. But my secret joy is to read a good Science Fiction or Fantasy book. I started reading Andre Norton’s fantasies early and I still enjoy them today.
Put me in a parking lot and hand me a book while I wait for people to shop and I am happy!
3.       What point-of-view do you enjoy writing the most and why?
I am a reader. Most of what I read is written in the third person and I have found myself thinking in third person. So that is the most natural point-of-view for me to write. I have also found that in romance, the third person POV works the best. The reader prefers to see through both sets of eyes.
However, I do have a deep, dark secret that will be coming out in two years, and that will be in fist person. (Shhhhhhhhsh!)
4.       Who is your favorite character on TV and in what show? What makes that person so special to you?
This is going to sound corny, but I have to fess up.
Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote.  She is everyone’s friend (unless of course, you are a killer), she lives in a great house, in a wonderful little Maine town, she is respected by all, and her intellect is superior. She is a kind and generous woman, with a lovely garden, and she is a writer. 

I love to watch Five-O in the hopes that McGarrett will take off his shirt, and I love the way Spenser Reeds mind works on Criminal Minds, and I loved the way Honey West and April Dancer kicked butt (Honey West and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.) but none of them can match up to Jessica Fletcher. (Though, Ellery Queen is a close second.)
1.       If you could have your book made into film, which book would you choose?
I would have The Counterfeit Bride turned into a film. The location visuals alone would be beautiful.
2.       How and where do you find writing inspiration?
In my dreams! When I am driving! Watching children play. I am a daydreamer.  My mind is always floating off somewhere on an adventure. (You should have seen me in Math class!)
3.       Time wise, how much of your day do you spend writing?
Not enough. I have two little guys that take up most of my time. My most productive time is when everyone else in the house is asleep. Between midnight and three-thirty. Most of my projects are completed at three-thirty.
4.       How much research do you do for any given novel?
 I am a research junkie!!! My degree is in history. I always thought I would write historical novels, until I realized that I would never stop researching. Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of research for my contemporary novels, but it is easier to draw a line on when to end the research and how much is actually needed in the novel. With history I have no limits.

Thanks for answering my questions for readers and for adding your links so they can catch up with you whenever they wish. I think you've covered the many ways readers can get to know you.

Liberty also has a group page for her Belles. If you would like to become a Belle and hear about Liberty’s latest news go to

Book blurb:
Texas rancher and bar owner Cassidy Flynn is shocked to learn the bride’s name in an upcoming high society wedding – Cassiopeia Dolmides. Cassidy is a woman of secrets; the deepest is the identity she was born with and thought she had escaped long ago. If this bride is impersonating Cassidy, what trouble will that cause Cassidy and her infant son?

Greek tycoon Theron Christofides needs to gain possession of Dolmides Cruise Lines and the little Greek island where it left a shipwrecked eyesore. A lot of people are at risk without his intervention. Old man Dolmides will sell on one condition: Theron must marry Dolmides’ illegitimate daughter. Seeing no other way to rescue the island’s people, Theron agrees to sacrifice himself and his future.

As Theron stands at the altar with his bride-to-be, a fiery-haired woman in snakeskin boots and a cowboy hat interrupts their vows by calling his bride a fraud. In order for the wedding to continue, Theron must convince Cassidy Flynn to
drop her lawsuit. Can he withstand Cassidy’s allure while he gains her cooperation? Or will they both be consumed by the fire of desire?

Liberty’s Spellroom

Barnes & Noble:
Also available in paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Remember Amazon and Barnes & Noble have apps so you can read ebooks on any computer or device, if you don’t have a kindle or NOOK.
Thanks everyone, for joining me and Liberty today. Look for her books on the links above and enjoy her writing style.