Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogging with the Divas

On Tuesday, this week, I will be blogging at the pop culture divas site. It's a great site with interesting news and articles. Join me tomorrow for a brief encounter. Ya gotta love those mystery writers!!!!! My website has recently been updated, sorry it took so long, but there's a new contest for this month and some other news for you. Take a peek at

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chapter Beginnings

Have you ever sat in front of the computer screen and wondered how to begin the first chapter of your novel? I faced that situation not long ago. I'd been to Block Island during the summer and fell in love with the island all over again. As I meandered through winding roads, I thought a story featuring my Vinnie Esposito series characters and the island would make for a perfect murder. I gathered as much free info on the island and its history that I could while there and then sat down to write. Nada! Nothing! There was just too much information (TMI) to deal with at once. Too many possibilities, too many ideas bouncing around my brain.

It took some time, some shuffling of info and thought blooms on paper before I finally managed to get an opening. I crammed words onto the pages without worrying about them. My friend and fellow author, Annette Blair, once told me that is the only way to start. "Get it down," she said. "Then worry about sorting it out later." Smart woman!!!

Writing like the devil stood over my shoulder breathing fire down my neck, I got the scene set. Then....three chapters into the story, I stalled. Tired? Maybe. Free thinking? Definitely not. I set the work aside and now, a few weeks later, my engine has started to rev like I am a Nascar driver. Today is the day! I will jump back into the story and hope I can finish a few laps around the track before my motor stalls. Whew! I was beginnning to wonder if it was going to happen. The story had been rattling around in my attic until it jelled, so I'm ready to get back to it.

Share your story with me on how you begin your first chapter. I'd like to know, really!

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