Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ebook Arena

Sharing my stories and artwork in paper format has been an interesting and fun experience. When a friend mentioned she has put her books up on Smashwords and Amazon in ebook form, I got to thinking. I am an artist and a mystery author with books in both genres, so maybe I should go ahead and give it a try....putting my books up there in the ebook world.
While my publisher, Lachesis Publishing, has the Vinnie Esposito mystery series in ebook form, I will put Murder on Spyglass Lane out by tomorrow on both Smashwords and Amazon's Kindle site for a minuscule amount of money. This story takes place in present day west coast Florida, has a sexy hero and a psychic heroine who finds her abiltiy annoying. Then there is always the who-done-it factor and a way too cute Bassett hound. So stay tuned for that.
Next week I plan to try my hand at placing a Zentangle art book in ebook form on Smashwords. Let's hope I don't crash and burn before Christmas gets here.
Wish me luck!! LOL