Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who'd a thought??

Just when you think things can't get any better, a surprise lands in your lap. Not that I'm totally responsible, mind you. I have plenty of help from friends, family and business associates when it comes to my writing journey. I have a publisher who has pulled out all the stops to get my Vinnie Esposito series to people around the world. I'm on a few lists with other authors who help promote one another nearly every day. I tweet, facebook and make a general nuisance of myself to anyone who'll listen. That aside...it's the book outlets that make such a difference to all of us who author these delightful reads.
You say it takes talent to write a book? Well, heck, yes, it does. But that's just the beginning. Once the daylights are edited out of it, the cover bandied about like there is no tomorrow, and the book goes to print/ebook, then the real work begins on a daily basis. Why? Good question! The answer is...if you don't have readers, all that work is for nothing. I've found that through Twitter alone, my readership has grown. My website doesn't just sit there, all alone, never looked at. In fact, the site has become a beehive of activity. THANK GOODNESS! LOL I had begun to think that taking the site down wouldn't matter to anyone. Now, I know different.
Not only is Barnes & Noble offering my series for $0.00, but the series itself is offered for a low price as well. http://tinyurl.com/824txxh
The end results are worth the efforts we put into them. No effort = no good results ...while lots of effort = marvelous returns.