Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memories Past

After reading a blog this morning, I began thinking about my own childhood memories of Christmas past. I lived in Maine as a child. The winters were frigid and the snowfall magnificent. I'm sure the adults didn't think so, but as a kid, there was always sledding, snowmobiling, skating and the best of all...snowman making. The snowbanks were high, snow castles fun and the snow angels plentiful. My parents would cut down a tree (we lived on 300 acres of wooded property) and our family would spend hours decorating it. Those were the days! Christmas morning held wonderful surprises for all four of us kids. I was the youngest, and believed in Santa for what seems ages. (Still do, I think!)
My mother was an excellent cook and a superb baker. She began making her own chocloates as gifts for friends. We, of course, got the mistakes. Yummy! Our table was full, our happiness plentiful and the season wondrous.
Today things are different. Things change with time and of course, our memories do as well. I have a grown grandson who is the light of my life. Our small family spends the holidays together every year. We reminisce over the days of old and maybe even wear rose colored glasses when we do so. But, that's okay. Happy holidays to you all and may your dreams come true.