Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Publicity & Budgeting

When working out a plan for publicity, the first thing I do is consider how much money I have available. The second thing is work out what goodies I will give away that will stay in the public's hands and not end up in the trash.

Give-aways are great, but how much revenue/publicity do they generate? How many new readers will I get? I have gotten emails from people who took my goody bags, so I realize they have at least looked things over and found use for many of them. Since I make much of my own goodies, the interest is usually great. I put together materials people can keep and use, but cost little. Am I crazy? Sometimes I wonder, but as a creative person, I enjoy making my give-aways, staying within my budget and trying to come up with new ideas for fans. You're not an artist/crafter, you say? You don't need to be. My computer is my best friend, I print, cut and paste lots of stuff on sticky paper from Staples. I use a paper cutter to cut them out and then stick them to whatever surface I plan to use. I shop in places like JobLot, The Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading and such. Why pay tons when you can put things together for little cost and do so while watching your favorite television program. It's easier than you think.

Advertising is another issue. When putting my budget together, I try to find what I can get for free, where I can get it and who is offering a 2 or 3 for 1 deal. CoffeeTime Romance is great, but The Romance Studio has done wonders where my advertising is concerned. They do the set-up, the scheduling and offer bargains. Who could ask for more? I take every opportunity offered for interviews, public readings, library appearances, etc. and if my publisher doesn't send out my book for review to everyone under the sun, then I pick up the slack and send it to my favorite places.

Facebook, Linked-in, blogging, websites, and a newsletter also get my name out there. The newsletter thing is in the works right now, but will be on everyone's email soon. I just have to find more time in the day.

So think about what you do, how you can use this information to increase your notoriety and then tell me how it's going. I'd love to hear from you.