Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Cadence Caper

This, the second book in the Sarah McDougall psychic artist series, is a fun, quick read that involves pirate booty, kidnapping, murder, and humor. Sarah and Raven are knee deep in detecting who kidnapped Raven's elderly aunt, a former treasure hunter. Sarah discovers she has new powers that places her in danger, but not before she figures out how to use those powers to her best advantage.

It seemed to take forever for me to hash out the storyline, but once I got going, there was no stopping. Lyn Stanzione of Stanzalone Covers did a great job on the cover art which depicts the attitude and adventure in the story.
Shortly, (sometime in June), I'll be hosting a book release contest on Facebook, so watch for it. The prizes will be plentiful and there won't be any wrong answers, so not to worry if you don't know them. Just be sure to add your comments.

In the meantime, I'm busy working on the next book in the Faerie Cake Dead series. I think you'll like the characters and action in this story. The cupcakes are pretty scrumptious, too. There are faeries, magic, faerie dust, pixies and more to keep you turning those pages.

My publisher, Lachesis Publishing, has slated a (between the Vinnie series) story called "A Crusty Murder" for June. There are three books that will be released in between the Vinnie Esposito novels. The next Vinnie novel "Bake Sale Sleuth", is scheduled for September 2013. I'll keep everyone posted on that. The Deadly Bread series of three books are: A Crusty Murder; The Focaccia Fatality; and A Crouton Murder. The stories take place in present day, on Wickendon Street, in Providence, RI. Wickendon Street is a historic neighborhood that edges Narragansett Bay. In the early years of Providence, Wickendon Street was part of the shipping industry that helped shape historic Providence into the city it is today.

In August, I hope to have Murder at the Emporium ready for release. As you can tell, I'm working industriously to keep my readers happy.

Stay tuned to additional info and I'll be posting more frequently, too.

Until then...happy reading!