Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Adventure in Romance

This past summer, I had the urge to write a romance novel. Gathering my wits about me, I set off on this new journey and wrote a novella, To Catch a Billionaire. Never realizing how difficult it could be, since I generally write mystery novels with light romance in them, I found the romance genre to be more challenging than I'd thought it would be.

First off, I wrote the novella under the pen name, Dana Stone. It was important to me that readers not identify the story with my mystery novels. Why? Because it's a totally different genre. Or maybe it was a mindset for me, rather than for readers. :~)

The book made its debut, got some good, some so-so, and some not good reviews. Am I put off by that? Not really. Mostly, I find you can't please everyone, and it's plain to see that when ratings go from 5 stars to 1 star. I'm not offended or put off, but try to find something in each review that will help me write an even better book. (Though, there are those who just like to be just plain mean, :>). ) But, that's another subject altogether. So... here's the plan, as Dana Stone, I'll be advertising with The Romance Studio in March.www.theromancestudio.com  Later in March, Dana Stone be doing an online book tour, so stay tuned for more info on that.

I had a great time writing the story, though in retrospect, I realize romance novels are not my main interest, even though they have much merit. As Dana, I intend to make another foray into the world of romance, but it won't be just a novella, instead, it'll be a full-on novel with greater character development.

The new story line is already set out and involves a mysterious man whose hunting for a small jewel encrusted orb, that he thinks the main character has in her possession. The orb is detrimental to him and the well-being of his family. A family with powers that are threatened if the orb falls into the wrong hands. The heroine has had to make a new life for herself after a traumatic incident that left her overwhelmed with grief. After two years of struggling with her loss, she has begun to rebuild her life and find happiness in the mundane. Will the heroine trust this stranger enough to help him? Or is he untrustworthy and more dangerous than she ever imagined?

Let me know what you think of the storyline. I'm interested in hearing from you.

                      Thanks for stopping by,              Dana (aka J.M. Griffin)

Here's the link for To Catch a Billionaire