Friday, June 24, 2011

Book is Up!!

I checked for Faerie Cake Dead today and low and behold, there it was listed next to the ebook version. Let me explain why the covers are different. When I signed my contract with Lyrical Press, it was for ebook only. I had so many requests for paper, that I asked if LP would publish it in paper. Since they do very little paper publishing, I was given permission rights to do so on my own. They own the cover rights, so I had to come up with my own cover. There is a preview of the first chapter on CreateSpace as well.

I'm so excited about this, and the preview ratings have been 4-5 stars. Who could ask for more!! (maybe some sales....)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Cover For Faerie Cake Dead

It took some time to get this done, but I finally finished the cover for the paper version of Faerie Cake Dead. Now I'm trying top figure out how much time it will take to publicize it through the Creat Space program at

The book should be available by next week, but Amazon has a que, so.....need I say more. This is my first sojourn using creat space and it has been a challenge. I think it's a great idea and sure as heck saves money when it comes time to market. I enjoy a print-on-demand program, too. Been there, done that and my publisher, Lachesis Publishing, still uses it. It's much better than having thousands of books hanging around.

The novel name has been added, but blogger won't upload that picture, so here it is, in almost all its glory for your comments and thoughts.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learning New Things

Did anyone ever tell you "it's easy to learn this, no problem"? In today's world of electronics and techie stuff, there's one sure need to learn as much as you can about using apps, linking, blogging, and above all 'cutting and pasting'. Those are the major issues that plague artists and writer's who want all the bells and whistles, but haven't a clue how to manage working them. Recently, I researched the ways in which to maximize my blogs and websites (yes, I have more than one of these little darlings). It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be since the instructions are kindergarten clear, as in Step 1, Step 2 and so on. Thank goodness for that.

I went as far as setting up a newsletter through What is nice about the company is that after you have set up the initial letter, they do the rest and send it out for you to everyone on the email list you presented to them. The trial is free for 60 days so you have a chance to ride the horse before you buy it. So far, so good.

If you've gotten a fever and chills whenever you think of techie stuff, rest assured you needn't worry. There are real techies behind the scenes to help you (for free, even). So get moving, try your hand at offering your friends and fans your news or latest book, product, artwork, etc. We want to know what you are doing and how you did it!! Honest!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Books on Sale at Amazon

My publisher emailed me with news that Amazon has my Vinnie Esposito humorous mystery novel series on sale. I'm so excited about this. I really want to share these stories and increase my reader numbers. I'm prepping the 4th book in the series for submission to the editor-in-chief this week. I's Friday, but there's still time.

In this new book, Cold Moon Dead, Vinnie is robbed at gunpoint by a harridan whose identity will surprise everyone. Vinnie has a no-tolerance, yet inquisitive, relationship with a mobster, and her favorite buddy, Lanky Larry, makes a return visit in the story. It's a fun-filled, hilarious, adventure that you are sure to want to stay tuned!