Friday, December 21, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Today begins my five day Countdown to Christmas, where you'll have an opportunity to win one of my Zentangle books. If you aren't aware of the benefits of tangling, I'll briefly explain what this wonderful art form can do for you.

Tangling is simple and similar to doodling, but it's more intense and directed. This art form has no mistakes, only opportunities, which allows you to turn an "OOPS" moment into a wonderful opportunity that only you will know about. Zentangle helps you relax, renew your spirit and builds confidence. Young, old and all ages in between can benefit from tangling. You need no experience to tangle, just let your hand guide you and your brain relax.

Today, I'm offering one book for Day 1. Share your memory of your best Christmas EVER in the comment section and I'll notify the winner tomorrow when I post the 2nd day of my countdown.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another religious holiday at this time of year, feel free to enter to win a gift during my 5 day countdown.

For more info on this book, visit

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Free!!!! A New Give-Away Contest!

Every week, from now through the first week of January, I'll be giving a freebie gift away to the first 10 people who leave a comment on this blog. It's my way to show how much I appreciate readers and to share my goodies with everyone.

To win a pair of tangled earrings, not exactly like the ones below, but tangled none-the-less, simply enter a comment below and possibly visit and "like" the book.

Each pair of earrings is hand drawn and finished by me. I'll choose a pair from my stash and send them along to you once the contest has ended on Tuesday, December 18th. I will announce the winners on Facebook and here on this blog, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What does the word "Free" really say?

     Whenever I see the word free in an advertisement, or attached to a bargain of some kind, I wonder how free the item really is... The cost of the free object has been built into the so-called sale price of the other object that is being offered at an "all-time" low price. We all know this, yet we're enticed by the word FREE and generally make the deal.
   I have a free deal to offer the first 10 people who leave a comment on this blog. In an effort to promote my book "TANGLED TO DEATH, I'm offering a free tangled t-shirt. No purchase is necessary, just the size and an address for shipping once I have notified the winners. How's that for FREE? The shirts are all different, so there isn't a specific choice to be had, but here is a photo that will give you an idea of what you might receive for FREE. Each t-shirt is hand illustrated and they're all washable.
     If you feel the need to help me promote my new book, you'll find it at this url, where a "like" will help in my efforts to generate ratings and to introduce readers to my characters. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My great friend, Maeve Christopher, dropped by this morning to share her new book blurb with me. This wonderful story is the first in the saga, so hold onto your hats! This will be a fun filled and sometimes intriguing ride.

What happens when an assassin falls for a woman who is trying to kill herself?

The saga begins with an assassin in crisis...

David Lambrecht, aka Cupid, works for an international covert agency. He has a life of adventure, mystery, and accountability to only the most powerful in this world.

Unfortunately his past is catching up with him. His sanity -- and his life -- are at stake. In the midst of personal crisis, he must deal with a traitor who is selling government secrets and profiting from the international drug trade.

An unlikely "angel"...

Debbie Aldridge, a young artist, struggles in the isolation of an eating disorder amidst the extravagance of Beverly Hills. Her efforts to stand on her own, to succeed with her art, and to reach out to friends, are trampled by overbearing parents and by her addiction.

When her weak heart gives out, Debbie has a near death experience, a glimpse of heaven, and life changing words from her grandmother. She returns to life with a purpose. But she must find a woman called Cat.

And a prophet...

David's cousin Cat has visions of his peril -- and a white-haired girl with her hand on his heart. What will it take to save their lives?

Friday, October 12, 2012

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but my only explanation for my lack of staying in touch is two books in the making, and three more in the works.

I have good news, though!

Cold Moon Dead, the next humorous mystery in the Vinnie Esposito series is now available at

We worked at getting this book out for nigh onto a year and at last it's ready for reading in ebook format today at the link listed above.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing about Vinnie's latest and greatest adventure.
Have fun reading!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here is the link to my 4 Star review from You Gotta Read! I'm doing the Snoiopy dance!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So Many Ideas...So Little Time
As I sat in the early morning coolness of my writing room, story lines and titles popped into my head. I wondered what to do with them. Should I write the story for an anthology? Maybe a novella? How about a short story? Do I keep the idea, reject it, or make notes on it? Decisions like these face writers everyday.
I dug out a notebook and added to the list of titles that have magically come forth and began writing character descriptions. Whether the stories ever comes to fruition or not, I have notes as referral to draw from.
To cram a book with notes is the best way I can think of to keep ideas flowing. Whether its a computer notepad or a physical notebook, ideas should be kept. Consider the notes JK Rowling made and how she scribbled on anything she could find. Her efforts were well worthwhile.
I've heard from my writer friends that titles are the most difficult part of their work. I find the first line of the story is the hardest part.
Now you know how I get my story ideas, how do you get yours?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Freebies, Freebies, Freebies...

Holy Moly! There are so many free books on Amazon, it makes my head spin. How can I keep up with all the wonderful free reads? Well, I'm trying. After a minor glitch with Amazon this week, which interfered with free downloads of my ebook, Faerie Cake Dead, I have gotten the book back on track and will offer it for free on Monday and Tuesday, March 26th & 27th.
On March 28th & 29th, Murder on Spyglass Lane will be offered as a free download on Amazon as well. So, everyone will be able to get these books in the same week for free. How awesome is that?
As a last surprise, For Love of Livvy is available free on Amazon as well. It is listed free everyday, so get your copy now. I'm not exactly sure how long the publisher will have it listed that way.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who'd a thought??

Just when you think things can't get any better, a surprise lands in your lap. Not that I'm totally responsible, mind you. I have plenty of help from friends, family and business associates when it comes to my writing journey. I have a publisher who has pulled out all the stops to get my Vinnie Esposito series to people around the world. I'm on a few lists with other authors who help promote one another nearly every day. I tweet, facebook and make a general nuisance of myself to anyone who'll listen. That's the book outlets that make such a difference to all of us who author these delightful reads.
You say it takes talent to write a book? Well, heck, yes, it does. But that's just the beginning. Once the daylights are edited out of it, the cover bandied about like there is no tomorrow, and the book goes to print/ebook, then the real work begins on a daily basis. Why? Good question! The answer is...if you don't have readers, all that work is for nothing. I've found that through Twitter alone, my readership has grown. My website doesn't just sit there, all alone, never looked at. In fact, the site has become a beehive of activity. THANK GOODNESS! LOL I had begun to think that taking the site down wouldn't matter to anyone. Now, I know different.
Not only is Barnes & Noble offering my series for $0.00, but the series itself is offered for a low price as well.
The end results are worth the efforts we put into them. No effort = no good results ...while lots of effort = marvelous returns.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Murder on Spyglass Lane

For anyone who enjoys a little humor in their mystery novels, then this is for you. Along with a Bassett hound, a mysterious neighbor and a heroine who fights her psychic powers, I think the story is a lot of fun.
It all started when I was riding through a lovely neighborhood with a friend of mine. Florida is so beautiful and the weather in winter is delightful. We passed a cul de sac where the street sign read Spyglass Lane. OMG! I made my friend turn around and drive through the insular neighborhood. That was when the story took hold and wouldn't let me go for love nor money. It haunted me, niggled at me all the time, it refused to let me rest until I got the outline settled in my mind.
With the help of Jean Cipriano and Jeanine Spikes, I finally got the book finished. Pat Thomas edited it for me and a second edit was done by Melissa Keir. With those things out of the way, I presented it to Amazon. It will be free to all for 3 days, so download this baby onto your reader anytime between Thursday and Saturday (January 12th - 14th).
Please rate the book and above all....Be Kind LOL

My Guest....Liberty Blake

Liberty Blake's interview is here for your enjoyment today. Make sure to post a comment.

Welcome Liberty, and thanks for being here today. Let’s get started.
Tell us a little about yourself and about your "Hearts and Flowers" Valentine’s
Thank you so much for having me in for a little chat, JM. I would love to tell you about my upcoming release in a Valentine's Day Anthology from Still Moments Publishing. It's
called Valentine Delights Be Mine. My story is "Hearts and Flowers".

What inspired you to write this work?
Melody and Mike met in my Christmas anthology Christmas Treats #1 Santa's Naughty
List. "Christmas Spirit" (the title of my story) is my first fiction credit. Once I finished writing Noelle and Harry's story, Melody kept demanding her turn to find love. She didn't think it was fair to introduce her to a really hot guy and then not let her have some fun, especially after she finally dumped the loser she had wasted years on.

Is this part of a series, or do you plan to write any series books?
I had thought "Christmas Spirit" was a single story, but Melody
insisted. I agreed to let her have Valentine's Day. Let me tell you, she was
not happy. She has a problem with that day.

What’s your favorite genre to write?
Oh gosh! I love romance, mystery, paranormal, and my own specialty, the psychotic
thriller. They all transport me to another dimension and when you live in a house with five children ranging in age from two to fifteen you need to be transported somewhere else on a regular basis to escape the chaos. Don't get me wrong, I love all the kids, but sometimes adult time is very much appreciated.

Who was your favorite character to write and why?
So far Melody from "Hearts and Flowers” is my favorite. In the past she had
the world's worst boyfriend, she hates Valentine's Day, and she is a florist. There
is no way for her to escape on February 14th. It was fun watching her struggle
through the day. She is one plucky woman.

What do your family and friends think about your choice of career?
My children are happy to see me follow my dream and succeed. It validates all the
times I have told them they could be anything they wanted to be. My grandmother
gave me my first typewriter when I was a tiny tot because even then I knew I
wanted to write and I needed the tools of my trade. I appreciate all the love
and support I have received over the years from first my Gran and then from my
children. There is one problem, though, I tend to write spicy/hot and my
children are sometimes afraid to read my stuff.

On a personal note, what’s your favorite television show?
I love Timothy Olyphant and the way they are handling the Elmore Leonard story.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Costumes, candy, what could be better?

And finally, where can readers find you?
Valentine Delights
is Coming in time for Valentine's Day!

Get your Christmas
Spirit (it is never too late or too early) at: Be sure to click on "Adult Content
One lucky commenter will win a copy of Santa's Naughty List.