Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Update on Publishing

Life takes unexpected turns now and then. I never know what to expect since I always step off the cliff with the knowledge that I won't crash and burn. The image that comes to mind when I do step off is from the Indiana Jones film where he steps off the cliff and finds his feet are really on a stone path across the ravine. My life is sort of like that scene.
Anyway....I sent Murder on Spyglass Lane to Midnight Magic Press (on a whim, mind you). A member of my writer's group mentioned MMP was seeking submissions. I thought, "What the heck? I have nothing to lose!" So I went to their website, downloaded their submission guidelines and sent the little darling on its way. Within several hours, (yes, HOURS, not days, months, years or NEVER) I had a response. I'd found a home for the novel and I'm on my way. They even assigned an editor to me immediately! I like that! No waiting or messing around. WOW!
The moral of this story is...just when you think your life has become mundane, think again. Step off that ledge, see where your life will take you. Let the adventure begin!!!! Wait, wait, Indy, I'm right behind you! LOL