Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Back...

Gosh, the weekend flew by way too quickly. I look forward the to retreat again next year. If you are interested in attending, take a look at the Maine Romance Writer's Retreat at MERWA.com. These ladies know how to make you feel at home. There camaraderie is fantastic and the food, well, that is always great. The retreat was held in Portland this year and the group is planning to hold it at that same location next year. We had excellent speakers, won gift baskets filled with books, snacks and other goodies, while at the same time vying for Starbucks gift cards. Hannah Howell ended up with mine, you go Hannah!!
Everyone was friendly, including the ghost hunters who spoke on Friday evening. They had many interesting stories to share and they are very dedicated to the job of contacting the dead.
Today is a back to work day and while it isn't always fun, it is certainly challenging. After all, my characters do have a mind of their own and as pantser, I am often quite surprised by the direction the story tends to take.


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