Monday, January 9, 2012

My Guest....Liberty Blake

Liberty Blake's interview is here for your enjoyment today. Make sure to post a comment.

Welcome Liberty, and thanks for being here today. Let’s get started.
Tell us a little about yourself and about your "Hearts and Flowers" Valentine’s
Thank you so much for having me in for a little chat, JM. I would love to tell you about my upcoming release in a Valentine's Day Anthology from Still Moments Publishing. It's
called Valentine Delights Be Mine. My story is "Hearts and Flowers".

What inspired you to write this work?
Melody and Mike met in my Christmas anthology Christmas Treats #1 Santa's Naughty
List. "Christmas Spirit" (the title of my story) is my first fiction credit. Once I finished writing Noelle and Harry's story, Melody kept demanding her turn to find love. She didn't think it was fair to introduce her to a really hot guy and then not let her have some fun, especially after she finally dumped the loser she had wasted years on.

Is this part of a series, or do you plan to write any series books?
I had thought "Christmas Spirit" was a single story, but Melody
insisted. I agreed to let her have Valentine's Day. Let me tell you, she was
not happy. She has a problem with that day.

What’s your favorite genre to write?
Oh gosh! I love romance, mystery, paranormal, and my own specialty, the psychotic
thriller. They all transport me to another dimension and when you live in a house with five children ranging in age from two to fifteen you need to be transported somewhere else on a regular basis to escape the chaos. Don't get me wrong, I love all the kids, but sometimes adult time is very much appreciated.

Who was your favorite character to write and why?
So far Melody from "Hearts and Flowers” is my favorite. In the past she had
the world's worst boyfriend, she hates Valentine's Day, and she is a florist. There
is no way for her to escape on February 14th. It was fun watching her struggle
through the day. She is one plucky woman.

What do your family and friends think about your choice of career?
My children are happy to see me follow my dream and succeed. It validates all the
times I have told them they could be anything they wanted to be. My grandmother
gave me my first typewriter when I was a tiny tot because even then I knew I
wanted to write and I needed the tools of my trade. I appreciate all the love
and support I have received over the years from first my Gran and then from my
children. There is one problem, though, I tend to write spicy/hot and my
children are sometimes afraid to read my stuff.

On a personal note, what’s your favorite television show?
I love Timothy Olyphant and the way they are handling the Elmore Leonard story.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Costumes, candy, what could be better?

And finally, where can readers find you?
Valentine Delights
is Coming in time for Valentine's Day!

Get your Christmas
Spirit (it is never too late or too early) at: Be sure to click on "Adult Content
One lucky commenter will win a copy of Santa's Naughty List.


  1. The computer went a little wonky, so forgive me, please....

  2. A wonderful interview ladies. FIVE children Liberty and still time to write? Amazing your characters can be heard over the din. (I grew up in a family of five.) *vbg*

    Best of luck with the Valentine anthology, Liberty!

  3. Liberty Blake, you're a dynamic lady and a wonderful writer! I'm looking forward to your next book.