Friday, March 23, 2012

Freebies, Freebies, Freebies...

Holy Moly! There are so many free books on Amazon, it makes my head spin. How can I keep up with all the wonderful free reads? Well, I'm trying. After a minor glitch with Amazon this week, which interfered with free downloads of my ebook, Faerie Cake Dead, I have gotten the book back on track and will offer it for free on Monday and Tuesday, March 26th & 27th.
On March 28th & 29th, Murder on Spyglass Lane will be offered as a free download on Amazon as well. So, everyone will be able to get these books in the same week for free. How awesome is that?
As a last surprise, For Love of Livvy is available free on Amazon as well. It is listed free everyday, so get your copy now. I'm not exactly sure how long the publisher will have it listed that way.


  1. I love your covers! Do you find the artwork on Fotolia or hire an artist or (oh, please tell me this is not the case...) are you so talented that you do your own? ;-)

    I'm having cover envy. Although I have finally found my "cover niche" with dogs on all but one book. :-)

  2. I don't come up with my own, I work with others to design them. My next book, Tangled to Death, is in the works and I'm searching for a great cover. Working with Fantasia Frog Designs at the moment. Thanks for asking.