Friday, December 21, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Today begins my five day Countdown to Christmas, where you'll have an opportunity to win one of my Zentangle books. If you aren't aware of the benefits of tangling, I'll briefly explain what this wonderful art form can do for you.

Tangling is simple and similar to doodling, but it's more intense and directed. This art form has no mistakes, only opportunities, which allows you to turn an "OOPS" moment into a wonderful opportunity that only you will know about. Zentangle helps you relax, renew your spirit and builds confidence. Young, old and all ages in between can benefit from tangling. You need no experience to tangle, just let your hand guide you and your brain relax.

Today, I'm offering one book for Day 1. Share your memory of your best Christmas EVER in the comment section and I'll notify the winner tomorrow when I post the 2nd day of my countdown.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another religious holiday at this time of year, feel free to enter to win a gift during my 5 day countdown.

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  1. Best christmas ever? When I was about 6 or 7 years old my dad was getting transferred with the US Navy. He had to go to the new station early and find a place for us to live. He wasn't going to be home for Christmas. That year we celebrated Christmas in September so that my dad could be there, too. He gave me a transistor radio that I was allowed to listen to for a few minutes in bed every night before I went to sleep. That was a big privilege for me. Now 50+ years later, I still have that little radio. It doesn't work, but I have it. Best - and bittersweet - christmas ever,

  2. Hope you check this blog regularly. Would like to have you do a blog interview with me. This should now include a link to by blog so you can see the types of interviews I do. I found your books on Goodreads.